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In the modern business environment, high quality tax advice and planning can bring your business a distinct competitive advantage.

Bringing You Integrated Tax Solutions

Significant tax reform and global tax disruptors are creating market volatility that can have serious tax implications. Attitudes to tax are changing and with this tax decisions are under scrutiny like never before.

We offer a full range of tax services which are designed to help our clients to apply the most cost-effective business strategies.

Tax Advisory

Making fast, creative and forward - thinking decisions in today’s world are key determinant to succeed. Business leaders need to make informed decisions to assess business opportunities, particularly in leveraging on the volatile tax environment as well as understanding potential tax implications.

We are committed and equipped with in-depth working experience of Malaysian taxation system and various tax laws (i.e. income tax, real property gains tax (“RPGT”) and stamp duty). We are ready to provide integrated tax solutions for clients’ corporate tax advisory needs

How we add value:

Preliminary assessment for mitigating tax risks & minimising tax costs

We provide integrated tax solutions that focus on mitigating tax risks and minimising tax costs without offending anti-avoidance provisions or more:

  • Analysing and suggesting tax efficient corporate structure or business transactions
  • Maximising capital allowance, industrial building allowance and reinvestment allowance claims
  • Exploring and assisting applications for tax incentives
  • Analysing and structuring cross-border transactions with various tax perspectives
  • Assessment of Real Property Company status
  • Reinvestment allowance study
  • Applications for advance ruling or private ruling
  • Assisting with Income Tax (DRP/SCIT) & Customs Tribunal
  • Other areas of tax advisory
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Implementation &
Post Implementation

We assist clients in implementing the relevant tax planning strategies that improve tax efficiency of the companies by:

  • Understanding the existing business arrangements and environment
  • Identifying the challenges faced by clients
  • Identifying relevant tax laws / legislations
  • Complying with the relevant statutory provisions
  • Bringing in other experts to ensure the feasibility of the strategies
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Corporate Tax Compliance Services

The Self Assessment System (“SAS”) of taxation in Malaysia has created challenges for companies in the area of tax compliance.

Under SAS, the burden of responsibility has shifted from Inland Revenue Board (“IRB”) to the taxpayers.

This responsibility brings with it

  • The increased risk of tax penalties;

  • The need to estimate the taxable position of companies in advance, the need to monitor the tax position during the financial year with the view to making the appropriate revisions to avoid penalties for underestimation; and

  • The need to ascertain whether the accounting systems within companies are able to meet the higher demands of the SAS.

The onus is on the company to compute its tax liability correctly and pay the correct amount of tax on time. In this respect, the company has to keep abreast of tax developments.

The growing number of tax rules and stringent enforcement by tax authorities, require tax compliance matters that need to be monitored and managed on day – to – day basis. Through years of experience in tax compliance services, we are able to assist clients and offer tax compliance advices as and when needed

How we add value:

  • Preparation and filing of corporate tax estimates & tax return

  • Review of past tax returns for the purposes of determining compliance risks 

  • Advice on tax compliance matters

  • Capital allowances / Industrial building allowance study and review

  • Tax audit/investigation support including submission of appeal against notices of additional assessment issued by the Inland Revenue Board

  • Applications for tax refunds and tax instalment schemes

  • Liaison with authorities on tax issues

  • Tax ruling applications

  • Application of refund of withholding tax

  • Other areas of tax compliance services

Tranfer Pricing

Transfer pricing (TP) is the setting of transfer prices for transactions entered into between associated persons. Externally, the key challenge is to set up the arm’s length transfer prices and to defend them against challenges by the authorities. Internally within a group, the challenge is to manage the transfer pricing risks associated with tax planning and tax compliance matters.

With constantly changing tax legislation, the need for specialist tax advice has never been greater. Given the current situation where the tax authorities have provided the basic framework to implement transfer pricing in the country, taxpayers have no valid grounds for ignoring their responsibilities to comply with the transfer pricing regime.

How we add value:

  • We assist clients in addressing their transfer pricing concerns and meet the IRB’s expectations

  • Preparation of Master File, Local File and Review of Country by Country (“CbC”) Reporting Templates

  • Benchmarking Analysis

  • Diagnostic Review

  • Advisory and Planning

  • Advance Pricing Arrangement and Mutual Agreement Procedure

  • Dispute Resolution

Individual Tax Services

We offer full range of services designed to assist our clients in complying with their tax obligations. 

Our services include the following:

  • Individual tax compliance

  • Tax planning on remuneration packages

  • Tax equalization & tax protection calculations

  • Tax advisory / Tax briefing

  •  Tax planning to minimise expatriate taxes

  • Advice on double taxation agreements and other tax exemption issues
  • Expatriate entry & exit interviews & procedures

  • Employer-Employee tax related and other matters

Indirect Taxes Services

The lndirect Tax Practice offers a range of professional services which include tax consulting and related services with regards to laws and regulations administered by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department ("Customs"). These include matters pertaining to sales tax, service tax, import / export duties, excise duty, product tariff code classification and valuation, and Goods and Services Tax.

How we add value:

We assist our clients with the following:

  • Provide advisory services, perform SST impact studies and assist in dealing with Customs on SST issues.

  • Assist in reviewing SST returns.

  • Perform health checks to identify areas of non-compliance.

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